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    EMIT GROUP at Egyptian-Italian business relations recovering Companies, investors from Cairo, Rome...

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    Turkey (Bursa-AKḈALAR) The Authorities opens the wastewater treatment plant of...

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    Turkey (Bursa-KÜḈÜKKUMLA) The Major and the authorities opens the wastewater...

Water Treatment

Process Application
Settlement, flocculation and clarification Drinking water treatment plant
Activated sludge process (with oxygen or air) for the
removal of C, N, P.
Waste water treatment plant (sewage)
Attached growth plant (trickling filters, RBC…) Waste water treatment plant (industrial discharges)
Phosphorous chemical removal
Leachate treatment plant
Anaerobic sludge treatment Condensate polishing treatment plant
Thickening, dewatering and sludge drying
Ballast water treatment plant
Disinfection (sodium ipochlorite, chlorine gas, ClO2,
UV, Ozone)
Sludge treatment
MBR biological process Energy recovery
Phisical treamtent for oil removal (DAF, API…)  Water production for industrial uses
Heavy metal and other micropollutant removal  (As, Se…) Plant for the recovery of used water 
Chemical oxidation Zero liquid discharge plant (ZLD)
Sand filtration, multimedia, carbon filters, GFH
Membrane process (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis)
Ion exchange filters