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Italy - Palermo

Waste water treatment plant
Contract Value:

Palermo on Maps  
Commissario Straordinario Unico
€ 18.918.770,60
204.000 m3/d
Rehabilitation and upgrading of waste water treatment plant (Acqua dei Corsari):
1. Construction of new inlet section, revamping of the pumping station and sand
    removal bridges.
2. Rehabilitation of primary sedimentation tanks.
3. Rehabilitation of existing biological section and construction of new sections.
4. Rehabilitation of existing final scraping bridges and construction of new lines.
5. Construction of new disinfection line and water reuse in industrial water circuit.
6. Construction of new sludge treatment line.
7. Construction of new sludge digestion section with biogas production, treatment
    and storage, cogeneration for energy production.
8. Construction air treatment section.