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EMIT Group Ercole Marelli Impianti Tecnologici S.r.l. is certified ISO 9001:2015 for design, construction, operation and maintenance of plants of pumping, water and wastewater treatment...

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BATCO HOLDING is a private investment Company and a majority shareholder of the Group and its subsidiaries. BATCO GROUP is a family of companies offering a wide range of...

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Lebanon - Coral

Solid waste treatment plant


Contract Value JV:
Contr. Value EMIT:


Completion date:


Coral on Maps

Al Jihad for Commerce & Contracting/Soriko Lltd JV

USD 8.500.000
USD 5.100.000

750 t/d of organic fraction mechanically
selected from MSW


-Delivery of the organic fraction coming from the
 mechanical selection facilities
-21 days composting of the organic fraction in 37
 bio-tunnels, equipped with forced aeration and
 SCADA for the automatic control of the process
-Refining by trommels and densimetry separators
 in order to produce compost to be used in
 agriculture or in landfill recovery
-Recover of metals
-Treatment of the exhausted air coming from the
 composting bio-tunnels