• December 2018

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  • October 2018

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  • September 2018

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BATCO HOLDING is a private investment Company and a majority shareholder of the Group and its subsidiaries. BATCO GROUP is a family of companies offering a wide range of engineering, construction, solid waste management and related technical services for the public and private sectors. Over the years, BATCO Group has built a reputation of excellence and uncompromising commitment to developing a proper environment for successful and sustainable projects. In the early 1990s the Group broadened its vision towards the future and ventured into the Environmental Services Sector through lavajet, a company specialized in Solid Waste Management.
In the year 2000 BATCO Group became well-positioned to begin its expansion strategy and move confidently into the 21st century. Hence, it broadened its customer base and strengthened its edge in the GCC, the MENA region and Africa.
Today, BATCO Group has become synonymous with excellence. Operating in more than 14 different countries worldwide, the group has accomplished a series of medium to large size projects, including EPC contracts valued at more than 2 billion US dollars.
The Group currently employs a staff of 4,000 employee and operates in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Since its inception in the 70’s the group has completed an extensive number of medium to large size projects, including EPC contracts valued at over 2.5 Billion USD.